Vitamin B12 for stress and fatigue

Vitamins are a group of organic chemical compounds that differ not only in the structure but also in the human body. Despite many differences, all have one thing in common – they are necessary for the proper functioning of the body of every human being.

Among the whole range of these compounds is cobalamin – vitamin B12. This text will provide some interesting information about this substance and its impact on our body.

  1. Characteristics of vitamin B12
  2. Application
  3. Operation and properties
  4. Supplementation and effects of deficiency


  1. Characteristics of vitamin B12

Cobalamin is a complex organic compound whose center is cobalt. Vitamin B12, which is soluble in water, is one of the most important minerals of our body. In addition, it participates in many chemical reactions of our system that occur at the cellular level.

To a large extent, cobalamin is synthesized by the natural bacterial flora of our digestive tract. When mentioning the exogenous sources of this compound, first and foremost, meat products, eggs, fish, dairy products and mushrooms are mentioned.


  1. Application

The use of cobalamin is recommended primarily to people on a vegan diet – due to the fact that the primary source of this compound are meat-based products. What’s more, the most important recipients of this substance are also anorectic, alcoholic and elderly people in whom proper nutrition is neglected.

Vitamin B12 is irreplaceable in the context of the proper functioning of the nervous system and the brain. It also increases resistance to stress and has a calming effect, which is used in the fight against bulbs. An additional advantage of this substance is the use in the prevention of mental illness, Alzheimer’s and cancer.


  1. Operation and properties

Vitamin B12, like its “friends” from group B, interacts primarily in protein, fat and carbohydrate transformations. In addition, her activities can be attributed

– synthesis of red blood cells;

– maintaining a mental balance;

stimulation of appetite;

– regulation of the functioning of the nervous system;

– improving mood;

– fusions within cells, mainly bone marrow.

The basic contraindication to the use of vitamin B12 is allergy to this ingredient.


  1. Supplementation and effects of deficiency

The daily dose of vitamin B12 is contained in approximately 1 mg of the preparation. Given dose refers primarily to people exposed to its deficiency, that is vegans and the older part of the population.

It turns out that the consequences of reduced cobalamin concentration are very dangerous. They form a complex disease syndrome that manifests itself with symptoms such as tachycardia, impaired concentration, loss of taste sensation, weakness, unsteadiness of gait, atrophy of the optic nerve, confusion and depression, apathy, irritability and even coma.

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