Water and a cold

And again this time of year, the time of colds, cough and flu. Most adults fall into one of these ailments on average four times a year, and children even more often. Imagine the economic burden on a yearly basis caused by the loss of working days – about 3 billion euros! And nothing can be done about it.


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A runny nose, fever, sore throat, etc. are well-known symptoms of a cold – a condition that neither doctors nor pharmaceutical companies have yet found a miraculous remedy. In practice, medicines available without a prescription fight only the symptoms, not the cause. The fact is that when a cold or flu virus settles in your body, you can do little to survive the attack.

Did you know that … Your lungs consist of 85% water?

The best way to fight a cold is primarily to prevent its occurrence in the body. We know the ways to prevent flu and colds is often washing hands, taking vitamins and avoiding infected people. However, probably the most important and the easiest way to prevent a cold is that which is sometimes the least noticeable proper fluid exchange. Liquids wash harmful impurities and toxins from our bodies and contribute to the production of mucus. Considering that the body uses more fluids than combats the common cold or flu, the lack of fluids can cause serious dehydration. Dehydration can be one of the many causes of fever. Therefore, when you experience this kind of symptoms, you should take more water. In fact, the lack of fluid in the body may exacerbate a runny nose and cough.


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Of course, water is the most important liquid, but juice, tea or broth also supplement deficiencies in the body. Warm drinks soothe the sore throat and can even help to clear the upper respiratory tract. It is also recommended to rinse the throat with salt water and breathe in moist air (if possible – from a humidifier). In natural medicine, colds are treated as a way to cleanse the body of toxic substances.In the fall and winter, our bodies try to adapt to the season. The body then condenses the products of metabolism and gets rid of excess mucus and tissue clogging elements, which improves circulation and allows you to pump blood so that we are warm. However, this process gives flu-like symptoms. Drinking more water will allow the body to get rid of toxic substances. Physical exercise and sweating can also be helpful in maintaining the body without toxins.

When coughing drinking the right amount of water allows you to maintain a thin moisturized layer of mucus in the lungs, which facilitates wet cough.The water also helps to relax phlegm and simply soothes irritation of the throat.
Water can not only help prevent colds, but it can also make them feel better. Basically, more water can contribute to building a stronger immune system, so let’s drink, let’s be healthy and let’s really enjoy the cold season.


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