When is the best to use creatine?

Undoubtedly, creatine is the most effective supplement available on the market. Regular use of creatine contributes to increasing muscle volume and improving strength. There are many contradictory theories about the correct use of creatine. In the article below you will learn when to take creatine and use and take creatine.

Creatine is a substance naturally found in the human body. Serves as a magazine – it increases the amount of energy during exercise. Creatine is mainly found in muscles, but its amounts are negligible. The average person is not able to consume the required amount of creatine from food during the day, which is why the supplement in the form of a supplement is a great facilitation. It is recommended to dose 5-10grams of the product per day (depending on the manufacturer), so a 500gram package is enough for 2 – 3 months. Considering the cost of the cheapest form – creatine monohydrate, which is within 60 PLN – it is a really profitable expense looking at the price-quality ratio.

When is the best time to take creatine?

Most manufacturers recommend the use of creatine in three different times of the day on an empty stomach, before and after training. Many companies, the same supplement, and consumption times are different. Where does this discrepancy come from?

It has been assumed that taking creatine on an empty stomach (usually just after waking up) gives the best results. Where did this claim come from? Most manufacturers recommending fasting supplements assume that an empty stomach will absorb it faster. However, there is no evidence that supposedly confirms a better effect of creatine in taking it on an empty stomach. What’s more – it can be stated that consumed food contributes to accelerate the transport of creatine to the muscles. This is due to the insulin response to providing food in the form of protein and carbohydrates. The truth is that it does not matter if you eat creatine on an empty stomach or just after breakfast.

Before training, after training, or without a difference – how to use creatine?

Looking at the effects of creatine – the best moment would be to take it before training. During exercise, ATP energy stores decrease, so an additive in the form of a creatine supplement can significantly contribute to the improvement of results. However, looking at it from the other side – the period after training is associated with an increased amount of nutrients in the muscles. Many bodybuilders recommend this supplementation as optimal. It is associated with increased muscle susceptibility to carbohydrate supply after training. A carbohydrate or carbohydrate-protein shake with creatine will be a very good solution.

Creatine supplementation is synonymous with an increase in the amount of creatine in muscle cells. Regardless of what time of the day you intend to use creatine, you must know that it will not affect the effect of supplementation to a significant extent. Regular use will definitely give results!

Creatine only on mass?

It has been assumed that creatine is an ideal supplement when building muscle mass. This is justified. Creatine indirectly increases muscle volume and contributes to increased strength. However, does supplementation with creatine during the period of body fat reduction make sense? Yes of course! If you’ve completed the period of building muscle mass, and your goal is to reduce fat, while maintaining the greatest muscle and strength – creatine can help you a lot! Creatine, regardless of the period in which you are located, performs the same action – increases ATP energy in the muscles. During the reduction period, when the strength from training to training decreases, the use of creatine may inhibit this process. The result can be a much more efficient reduction!

In addition, creatine gives the impression of bigger muscles! By increasing the hydration of muscle cells and keeping the glycogen in the muscles at an optimal level. Thanks to this, the visual effect will be much better – you will not be worried about flat and small muscles.

How long should I use creatine supplementation?

There is no unambiguous answer. Manufacturers recommend taking 6-8 weeks and then 4 weeks off. In practice, however, there are no contraindications that would prohibit extending this period to several months. However, there are many people who take creatine constantly at doses not exceeding 5 grams per day. All research indicates that it is a completely safe substance (for healthy people). If it were different – creatine would not be generally available in any sports store.

Creatine for beginners or only for advanced?

Creatine is a supplement recommended to all athletes who train in strength. Regardless of the internship, it can contribute to the improvement of strength results. So why are not beginners recommended? Only from the natural increase of strength at the beginning of struggle with weights. Until you achieve better strength results from training to training – supplementation with creatine may be unnecessary. However, there are no other contraindications that could support this theory.


Regardless of the time you take creatine – the effect of supplementation will in most cases be the same. A much more important aspect is regular consumption.
Creatine is recommended both when building muscle mass and reducing body fat.
The period of the creatine cycle depends on individual needs – it can be 4 weeks as well as several months.
There are no contraindications to the use of creatine by beginners.

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