Why is it worth eating fruits and vegetables?

Everyone knows that you should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits for health. There is another reason why you should do it.

Researchers at the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom who published the results of their research in the American Journal of Public Health claim that eating a large amount of fruit and vegetables increases skin firmness and improves skin tone, and only a few weeks will suffice for positive changes. We owe this action to the carotenoids contained in vegetables and fruits.

Research supervised by Professor David Perret has proven that two additional portions of fruit and vegetables per day are enough to notice changes in the appearance of the skin after six weeks.

The study was attended by 35 students who were recommended to introduce modifications in the diem consisting in changing the number of fruit and vegetable portions in the daily diet. The study lasted six weeks. After this time, the changes in the appearance of the skin were clearly noticed by the surroundings of the subjects, which emphasized the nice, golden color and glow of people eating more vegetables and fruits than before. In people who decreased the amount of vegetables and fruits consumed during the study, skin firmness decreased.

The scientists were surprised at the speed with which the observed changes took place. Healthy skin tone and better skin firmness, which are one of the factors that increase the attractiveness of people, apply to all those eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, regardless of race and place of residence.

In many highly developed countries, people do not eat enough vegetables and fruits, although their health-promoting effects have been propagated for years. However, the health argument for most of us does not seem to be strong enough to apply a healthy eating style. Perhaps now, when the beneficial effects of fruits and vegetables on the beauty have been proven, will we start eating more vegetables and fruits? Soon there will be new vegetables, and soon there will be plenty of vegetables and fruit. Do not miss this chance to give your skin a better color and improve its firmness. The bikini season is fast approaching …

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