Why should you drink tea every day?

Tea is primarily the leader in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Asia. People from those regions have been enjoying the pro-health properties of tea for centuries. Why is drinking tea so important to our health? 

If you are passionate about coffee and drink two or three cups every day, you may find that your body needs a change. A very good replacement for coffee is tea. Research has shown that it helps to achieve and maintain the body in good health and in good condition. 


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Green tea and its health promoting effect 

This type of tea works antioxidant, much stronger than some vitamin C or E. It turns out that even black tea has less antioxidant power than green. These differences result from different ways of producing these two varieties during the production process, black tea leaves lose some of their components that have health-promoting properties. 


Benefits of drinking green tea 

It has been shown that green tea helps in the prevention of cancer. Mostly the intestines, pancreas or stomach. What’s more, it also helps reduce the risk of prostate, bladder or lung cancer. 

Research has shown that green tea reduces the level of LBL, the so-called ‘bad cholesterol’. The drink also helps in leveling it, when we eat high-calorie products that contain a lot of it. This is very important for those who are out of the training season and allow themselves for more fat and caloric meals. 


People with infarction very often drink green tea because it lowers blood pressure. 

Studies on diabetics have shown that green tea helps to lower blood sugar levels. Similarly, the level of sugar in the body can be controlled by using a healthy diet. One of its elements may be the daily drinking of a cup of green tea. 


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Green tea, as shown by numerous studies, supports the treatment of various types of infections, colds and influenza. 

Other advantages of drinking green tea are 

The main difference between green and white tea is the method of their production. To make green tea, its leaves are heat-treated to dry completely. However, if white tea is produced, the leaves are exposed to the sun, where they naturally dry up. Sometimes a different way is used – tea is left in a greenhouse at low temperature. It is worth noting that the leaves of white tea are collected with the utmost care – real white tea is made only from the leaves of the Da Bai Hao shrub. 


That’s why white tea has three times more antioxidants than green and black. It has been confirmed in studies that white tea is twice as effective in purifying the body from free radicals than other types of it. 

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