Why sport is health?

Physical activity is an indispensable element of a healthy lifestyle. On each side, we hear that sport is health, and its practicing positively affects our physical and mental well-being. Why is it worth doing sports? 


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The sedentary lifestyle causes us to move less and less. In the morning, get in the car parked right after our home, go to work, and then spend at least eight hours in the office, sitting at the desk. After work, back to the car and home. And then just relax in front of the TV or computer. This is the scenario of the day of most of us. We miss traffic! And we all know that Sport is health. Why is it worth cultivating? 

1. Physical activity positively affects the appearance of our figure. That’s why everyone who dreams about losing a few kilos, along with a proper diet, should also take care of the movement. Exercising, we burn fat tissue faster, we sculpt muscles and shape the figure. However, people with the right weight should not feel justified. Remember that depending on the choice of physical activity, we can lose weight or only shape the figure, improve posture or firm the body. It’s important to find the right sport for yourself. 

2. Regularly we strengthen our muscles and joints, thanks to which we will enjoy their fitness for many years. We have a better chance of being independent and independent of old age. 

3. We reduce the risk of civilization diseases in the future. Coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, diabetes or obesity – these are just some of the diseases that we can avoid regularly by doing sports. 

4. Sport is an excellent method to get rid of stress, relieve accumulated tension and relax after a full day of work. An oxygenated, rested and regenerated organism will better cope with obstacles of a physical and mental nature. Outdoor sports, which provide us with beneficial contact with nature, may be especially relaxing. 

5. People who play sports are happier! During physical activity, our body produces endorphins, or hormones of happiness. Effect? Improving mood and fitness, not only physical. 

6. Increased physical activity also has a positive effect on our beauty. Sweating, we get rid of accumulated toxins from the body, and the regularly cleaned body functions and looks better. 

7. By setting ourselves successive goals in sport and gradually realizing them, we gain not only better and better physical condition, but also the feeling that there are no impossible things for us. We are strengthening not only physically, but also mentally! 


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