Wild rice

Rice in the diet of athletes plays a rather important role, because it is one of the most popular nutrients, from which we will provide unprocessed carbohydrates to our diet. However, what kind of rice we eat is important.

As it turns out, white, brown, red and also black – they differ from each other. Black rice is a change of way and quite rarely consumed in but it is worth paying attention to. What makes it different? I will try to answer these and other questions in the following article.

Black rice is nothing more than one of the varieties of rice with a very interesting texture, as well as an incredibly aromatic nutty scent. Black rice was called “wild rice”. This was because initially in China it was intended only for the emperor and no one else was allowed to eat it. Currently, despite the availability in Europe, it is still eaten by few.

Quite recently, research has been carried out, which showed that only one tablespoon of this rice contains much more antioxidants known as anthocyanins, ie purple and dark red pigments, which give color and valuable nutritional values, among others, berries, grapes, cherries and raspberries. The amount of anthocyanins is much higher than the same amount of berries, and black rice has much more fiber and vitamin E at a much lower level of sugar. It is worth mentioning that the presence of anthocyanins improves our health parameters as well as well-being. They also improve our memory, concentration and reduce the risk of heart disease as well as cancer.

Of course, all these valuable properties are present in the outer layer of black rice, which is why during the purchase it is worth paying attention to whether the label “whole grain” appears on the packaging. Black rice is also rich in iron, so people who suffer from iron deficiency and anemia should enrich their diet with this product.

It is worth, however, compare black rice with other rice, e.g. brown. Black rice has a nutritional profile that is very similar to the profile of brown rice. Both provide high levels of fiber and some iron, but black rice contains more vitamin E, which is an important fat-soluble vitamin. This means that you need to eat black rice with a source of fat such as: avocado, fish or olive oil so that our body can properly absorb vitamin E. This vitamin is highly antioxidant. It helps to prevent damage to cells in our body, also protects our eyesight and strengthens the immune system. Therefore, it is said that black rice is a healthier alternative to white rice and is also considered a better choice than brown rice. Black rice also contains fewer calories than brown rice – about 160 kcal per serving compared to about 200 kcal of brown rice.

It was used to stimulate the stomach. Improvements in adrenal glands as well as improved vision while eating were also noted.

The studies, which were published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2008, also showed that black rice extract helps to prevent progression of atherosclerotic plaques in the main arteries of the heart that can lead to a heart attack. It is also affected by the reduced content of lipid components, including triglycerides.

In addition, the mouse study suggests that black rice may have anti-inflammatory effects. What distinguishes it from brown rice is the high concentration of anthocyanin pigments that are fantastic antioxidants. These compounds are also a possible mechanism for lowering cholesterol levels, as shown in the 2013 study published in Food and Function. In 2007, a symposium was organized, at which scientists unanimously stated that consuming products rich in anthocyanins is very important, as these products prevent the development of cancer and delay the aging process. In addition, they alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.

The Middle East shop shelves bend from food products to which bran, such as flour, bread and biscuits are added, which dieters say may be a good move to increase the share of anthocyanins in food.

Black rice bran can be made at home. We only need a coffee grinder or a good blender. Steamed bran made in this way

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