Women with offspring have less testosterone.

The level of testosterone in women responds to how her relationship develops in the relationship and whether they have offspring. Permanent relationship reduces its level, and the appearance of a child in the form of a child even more significantly reduces its amount in the body. Interestingly, when children grow up, their level increases. 


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The study was conducted at the University of Rochester with the use of 195 women aged between 25 and 35 years. The levels of testosterone in the blood of women after marriage were tested, as were women who had a child up to three years of age. 


Women after the wedding had significantly lower testosterone levels than women in the control group. What’s more, if women had a descendant, they had even lower hormone levels than women after marriage. In addition, it is worth noting that when a child grows up, testosterone levels also increase. 



Researchers have linked the drop in testosterone in women with the fact that having a baby is a time when a child needs special care. Then, more aggressive behavior is not required for a woman, and she should surround her offspring with empathy, love and care. The older children are, the more energy women need in dealing with them in a strictly motoric sense, hence the testosterone level increases. 


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