Xylitol – a healthy alternative to sugar

Healthy nutrition consists of m.in. on making the right choices, replacing poor quality and unhealthy products with their better counterparts. Weakness to sweet taste is the proverbial Achilles heel of many, even very determined people. Often plans aimed at changing the diet, or specifically – reduction of excess body fat, are abandoned, precisely because of difficulties with inhibition of the desire for sweet foods. Xylitol – a sweetener of natural origin, which apart from sweetness has other beneficial properties, may be helpful in this situation. 


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What is xylitol? 

Xylitol, also called birch sugar, is a sugar alcohol, a substance naturally occurring in nature (eg in fibrous and woody parts of some plants, including – popular vegetables and fruits). This relationship was discovered at the end of the 19th century. Interest in xylitol is associated with quite interesting properties that make it an excellent alternative to table sugar. 

How is it different from ordinary sugar? 

Although it has a taste and appearance similar to sucrose, one can risk the statement that xylitol is simply devoid of sucrose. Metabolism of birch sugar occurs independently of insulin, which makes it particularly recommended for diabetics and slimming people. An additional advantage is the low energy value, 1g of this compound provides only 2.4 kcal, while the same amount of sucrose is 4 kcal


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