Yerba mate is the equivalent of tea or coffee

Yerba mate is the equivalent of tea or coffee traditionally drunk in Poland, especially popular in the countries of South America, the Middle East in Syria and Lebanon. It is a brew from the leaves of the Paraguay holly, steamed and sipped from dishes made of gourd fruit. It is poured more than tea and it is flooded with water several times. Yerba mate is drunk through the tube. It is a drink highly valued for its properties. 


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1. Properties yerba mate 

Yerba mate has many valuable properties. Through its influence on the body increases immunity, improves digestion, increases concentration. It helps in cleansing the body by removing toxic substances. Drinking yerba mate tolerates fatigue, stimulates the mind, promotes slimming, reduces stress and helps in falling asleep. The active substance found in yerba mate is mateina, which is a variation of caffeine. 

However, the action of yerba mate is not as short and intense as coffee. Yerba mate stimulates long-term and has stimulating, laxative, astringent, diuretic, diaphoretic, antipyretic properties. It is the source of such vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, carotene, pantothenic acid and biotin. It also contains minerals magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, manganese, silicon, sulfur, zinc. Other components found in yerba mate are hydrochloric acid, chlorophyll, choline or inositol. 

2. The influence of yerba mate on slimming 

Among the many properties of yerba mate, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties can be distinguished. It lowers LDL cholesterol and increases the level of HDL fraction, thanks to which it reduces the risk of atherosclerotic changes in the body and cardiovascular diseases. 

The effects of drinking yerba mate are support for weight loss by increasing the sense of satiety and inhibiting the activity of pancreatic lipase, which breaks down fats – which helps reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body. Among the properties affecting weight loss is the support of digestion and regulating the level of sugar. Yerba mate can also be included in products that have anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. 

3. How to properly brew yerba mate? 

Yerba is served in dishes that are called mate and guampa. They are made of gourds, they can be ceramic or wooden. The drought is poured into 3/4 volume, then the ground leaves and shovels are appropriately arranged. Set the dish in such a way that the drought creates a slant. The next step is to put in it a tube called bombilla, which is used for drinking. Then the drought is flooded with water. Its temperature should be between 65 and 80 ° C, it can not boil. 

The first brew should be with the amount of water to dry it completely. Then, after waiting a few minutes, the water is full. The high quality of the dried allows for multiple brewing. Yerba mate can be brewed in various ways Argentinean and Uruguayan methods differ in the type of vessel used for brewing and the method of inserting bombils in droughts. 

It is worth to include yerba mate in your daily menu and replace it with a popular drink such as tea. However, what kind of yerba mate is the best? Opinions on this subject are divided, everything depends on your taste and preferences, because there are so many types of this drink. 

For some, the weaker yerba will be the best, others will prefer a more aromatic one. Information on which yerba may be appropriate to our liking and what is the price can be found in the forum, where many people share their opinions on the subject. 


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