Yoga for employee?

Employers are more and more aware that a healthy and satisfied employee is more active and thus gets better results at work. That is why some companies bet on sports activities, including for yoga. Such a form of exercise is a very good solution, the more so because it is not necessary to have a fully equipped room or professional equipment to organize activities in the workplace. There are many benefits, because yoga not only reduces stress and relieves the spine, but also improves circulation and strengthens the immune system

Yoga in the office – advantages

– A person working in a corporation on a full-time basis sits many hours a day for a desk, so he often has problems associated with the spine. As a result of overloading the spine associated with the long-term maintenance of one position, discopathy is heard. The back muscles are very weak, both the torso and the spine are unable to perform their function properly. Other ailments that may arise as a result of working at the desk are cardiovascular problems.

Paintball trips, employee marathons, football matches, tennis with the boss or a swimming pool with colleagues from the department – such forms of activity are very well known to employees. They encourage not only physical activity, but also integration. Increasingly, however, there are such voices that the movement itself is definitely not enough. In addition to fitness, inner peace and the ability to cope with stress are also important, which is why the corporate walls have entered a completely new way to employee relaxation – yoga and work with breathing.

For people who are not used to physical activity, such activities during the working day give the possibility of regular exercise, at least an hour a week. They come to work to perform their duties and receive a dose of movement in the package.

Yoga not only reduces stress, but also improves circulation and strengthens the immune system. A healthy and relaxed employee is also much more motivated to work and achieves much higher results.

People who spend many hours behind the desk in one position, every day should also remember to get up every half hour and walk. It affects the improvement of blood circulation, oxygenation of the brain and, as a result, more efficient work.

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