Yohimbine and sex

Yohimbine is a non-selective alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonist. It has the highest affinity for alpha-2 receptors compared to alpha 1. This affects the increase of noradrenaline ejection. Due to its activity and influence on alpha receptors – it is a preparation for the last cut, it should be effective in reducing body fat. Unfortunately, there are no independent studies assessing the real effectiveness of yohimbine in this context.  


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But yohimbine is an excellent aphrodisiac? I would like to remind you that for centuries dozens of completely ineffective or even harmful substances have been attributed to miraculous properties! Ladies used atropine (it is one of the stronger poisons, in very small doses is used, for example, in ophthalmology) and lead (its toxicity does not require extensive description). Aphrodisiac was considered a ground rhino horn (eg in China). 2 In the case of yohimbine, the matter is not so simple, because its operation is represented by a graph with the shape of an inverted U. That is, small doses of the drug act as a stimulant, while large doses inhibit. In addition, in animals after administration of 15 μg of yohimbine to the brain or 1 mg / kg body weight of yohimbine intraperitoneally, a worrying symptom was found – the time from the beginning of ejaculation was shortened. Typically, agents (used to treat premature ejaculation) such as dapoxetine increase the duration of the ratio. 3 Scientific research on yohimbine shows that its action is not identical in every case. Adeniyi et al. Administered 20 mg of yohimbine to 29 men with erectile dysfunction. 

The gentlemen used the preparation at home and could increase the dose. After applying yohimbine, 16 of them reached orgasm during sex or masturbation. In the next study, 215 men aged 26-78 years, yohimbine was administered for 6 weeks from various etiologies with erectile dysfunction. 62% of them did not feel improvement, 33% – partial improvement and only 5% overall. 4 In crocodiles, 2 x 30 mg of yohimbine daily increased the amount of mating behavior (head slap) – this is a vigorous impact of the closing jaws of the reptile, it can mean dominance and is mostly shown by males. However, the amount of copulation in animals has not increased. Similarly diverse reports refer to, for example, dogs or hamsters. 

Is it worth to use yohimbine? It depends on what kind of sexual dysfunctions occur in a given person. First, the circulatory system and blood glucose should be examined. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by diabetes, atherosclerosis, improper lipid profile, hormonal disorders (testosterone, estradiol and their proportions, thyroid disorders) smoking, drug abuse, and use of 19-nortestosterone (eg nandrolone decanoate). The reason for the dysfunction may be injuries (eg pelvic), radiotherapy, mental disorders (anxiety, depression, stress, fear of sex, neurological disorders), stroke, brain injury and Parkinson’s disease etc. Considering the complexity of dysfunction, it is impossible to recommend yohimbine without conducting detailed diagnostics. 


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