ZMA – increase your possibilities!

ZMA is currently one of the best products on the supplement market, which naturally stimulates the secretion of testosterone, a growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

  1. What is ZMA?

ZMA is a combination of magnesium and zinc chelates with vitamin B6. These substances are necessary for daily protection of the body against the harmful effects of overloads associated with intense physical exercise, lack of appetite, diseases and injuries. The elements contained in ZMA also have a beneficial effect on muscle mass gain.


  1. Who is it recommended for?

For people who have a deficiency of these elements, caused largely by the lifestyle, for example, lack of sufficient sleep (regeneration), hard work, smoking, drinking alcohol, not the best diet, etc.,

ZMA is the most recommended. However, if you care about the right diet, sleep amount, you do not feel tired, and your well-being is at a high level – you can skip ZMA supplementation.


  1. How does it work?

The natural conversion of androstenedione to testosterone must proceed with the participation of zinc. If the level of zinc is low, the above transformation is slow and testosterone production is lower. Magnesium is of similar importance, so for the optimal results of testosterone production, these two elements must be taken together.

Vitamin B6 helps in the absorption of zinc and magnesium.

The decrease in testosterone levels leads to the secretion of a catabolic hormone, cortisol, which causes a negative process of protein breakdown, or catabolism.


  1. Application of ZMA

ZMA is widely used by people who want to

– naturally increase your testosterone level;

– improve sleep quality and concentration;

– increase the efficiency and strength of the body.

ZMA also prevents muscle cramps, relieves related pains with overtraining, reduces catabolism of proteins, supports the development of endurance and lean muscle mass, prevents the occurrence of stress and fatigue, improves concentration and facilitates mobilization.


  1. How to take ZMA?

ZMA is most often used about 60 minutes before sleep due to regeneration, better and deeper sleep. Doses are selected individually, guided by information from the label and your preferences, especially diet. People using a diet rich in these ingredients can reduce their doses and even give up this supplement.

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