Zucchini – nutritional values

Zucchini (cucumbers) the younger, the tastier we can eat raw, fry zucchini flowers, prepare treats and bake cakes.Today, because of the taste and nutritional value, zucchini is on the list of 20 vegetables most willingly grown in our country. We will provide vitamins to the body by eating zucchini, choose your favorite recipe for zucchini dish.

Zucchini (in some regions called cucurbits) belongs to cucurbit vegetables, its properties and nutritional values ​​were the first to be appreciated by the inhabitants of Mexico and South America, the court comes from Poland, zucchini came from Italy, hence its name. It’s just a small pumpkin. Depending on the variety, it may be dark green, yellow or striped. The vegetable may grow up to 40 cm long, but it is best to pick zucchini before, when it is about 15-20 cm and is the most delicate.


Zucchini – nutritional values

Zucchini is a mild taste, easily digestible vegetable, it is valued for its high dietary value, it contains potassium, iron and magnesium as well as vitamin C, K, PP and B1, beta carotene, the advantage of zucchini is that heavy metals do not accumulate in it. In addition, the vegetable de-acides the body and positively affects the digestive process, therefore it is recommended for problems with hyperacidity.It is importantto know that zucchini may be one of the first vegetables given to a small child.Thanks to the high content of nutrients and easy digestion dietitians recommend it already for six months little ones.


Zucchini and slimming?

You can eat it in large quantities, because its calorific value is relatively low.In 100 g of fresh zucchini will be only 21 kcal. Zucchini is a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks. Fries zucchini are very easy to prepare.

Cut the vegetable lengthwise into quarters, mix eggs with lemon juice, salt and pepper in one bowl, mix the parmesan, rosemary and maize porridge in a second bowl, dunk the pieces of zucchini in the egg mass, then roll them in a mixture of porridge and parmesan cheese.

Put the prepared vegetable on a baking tray and bake for about 15 minutes in the oven preheated to 200. Zucchini fries can be served as an accompaniment to dishes or as an appetizer.” The whole can be supplemented with various sauces, eg garlic or tzatziki.


Zucchini – use in the kitchen

Zucchini is suitable for frying, stewing, marinating, baking and eating raw. You can make a pie, pancakes, one-dish dish, ratatouille or cake, and even the most fussy eaters will appreciate the delicacy of courgette flowers fried in a pancake batter. It is suitable for preparing, stewing or soup.The various colors of the skin or the more pronounced taste depend on the specific variety of the same vegetable.In some regions, it is customary to divide the zucchini with a green skin and a pale yellow squash. we choose the older ones.

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